Various Artists - U Hold A Spatial Place In My Shirt EP

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After a first successful landing in mid-pandemic times, the Funky Shirts crew is back with a freshly cooked serving. ‘U Hold A Spatial Place In My Shirt’ EP is a recollection of memories from the Funkew’s galactic trips and their friendly encounters with space pirates Herr Krank, Deborah Aime La Bagarre, Adria and a funknown criminal who shall remain anonymous.

A1 is a rocket launcher. A2 is a psychedelic comet. A3 is…. a surprise ;) B1 is a felon. B2 is a giant star. B3 is a black hole.

Disclaimer: The possession of FUNKYSHIRTS002 is highly illegal in most countries of planet Earfunk due to its unknown spatial origins and high MZN concentrations. We therefore recommend extreme discretion when deploying this piece of wax.


A1: Herr Krank & Deborah Aime La Bagarre - Acid Piano Track V15 Finalmix18
A2: Adria I Sergi - Espetec
B1: Funknown Artist - Touche Pas
B2: Dumbmachine - Guitar Haze
B3: Keymono - Funkraving Scratshirt