Mother Recordings - Five Years Anniversary Part 1

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A1:    Mat.joe - Love Stream
A2:    Nhan Solo - For The Groove
B1:    Supernova - The Loft
B2:    Robosonic - Spanked

Leading Berlin house label MOTHER RECORDINGS hits five years of age with the first EP of a three-part Compilation anniversary release to mark the occasion. It features some of the core label members in MAT.JOE, NHAN SOLO, SUPERNOVA, ROBOSONIC and showcases the straight-up house sounds Mother is so well known and loved for.

Starting with MAT.JOE with their overall #1 Hit - Love Stream in a very special Tropical Mix. This Mix is only exclusively available on our limited Vinyl Edition. The boys bringing the Caribbean vibe and coolness with fresh percussions and a funky groove!

NHAN SOLO opens the account with - For The Groove, an energetic house track with big vocals and driving drums that will rock any club to the core. It's full fat and dynamic and really makes an impact.

Lapsus Music bosses SUPERNOVA then offer up - The Loft which is an upbeat track with big synth stabs that are bright and shiny. It's one to get hands in the air and never lets up.

ROBOSONIC's - Spanked is another warm and heartfelt house cut with silky drums and synths bringing deep flavors. Vocals, nice chords, and cute samples fill the track with emotion and SUPERLOVER's - Time For House closes things down with more amped up house thanks to the loopy chords, bristling sense of energy in the vocals, and reversed stabs.

This is another full-fat EP of essential and contemporary house sounds from one of the best labels in the game.