Moon Harbour - VA

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A1:    Matthias Tanzmann - Mahoney Baloney
A2:    Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi - Tastic
B1:    Luna City Express - Saturday
B2:    Daniel Stefanik - Resurrection

It has taken seventeen very carefully curated years, but Moon Harbour now hits release number 100 in some style. Matthias Tanzmann's label has actually put out around 150 EPs, albums and compilations, but the 100th vinyl release is a special family affair with key artists Dan Drastic & Sven Tasnadi, Luna City Express, Daniel Stefanik and the boss himself all featuring. This fine EP, then, confirms the now very grown up label is still young and exciting at heart.

There have been many highlights over the years, and the underlying philosophy of the label has always been to progress slowly but surely. To that end it has help make the careers of many artists, unearthed exciting new talents and showcased some fine underground heroes at the same time.

First up is the man who started it all, Matthias Tanzmann. His 'Mahoney Baloney' is a seductive seven minutes of teasing tech house. Bubbly synth sounds percolate up through the dry, hollowed out drums, odd spoken word vocals add freakiness and the all-important bass is warm and rubbery. Party starting but in subtle ways, it is a typical bomb from this long time master.

Label manager Dan Drastic and regular musical sparring partner Sven Tasnadi then come together for 'Tastic', a deep but cavernous track that sucks you right in. It builds and builds to become a slick dance floor pumper with trippy vocal yelps and warm, colourful chords that sooth the soul. Playful and smartly incendiary, it is a surefire dance floor weapon.

Label mainstays Luna City Express then offer a more peak time cut with vamping synths, frazzled pads and discordant stabs that bring real wonky dynamism to the rooted kick drums. It's one to get the crowd up on their toes and sweating as it twists and turns for the absorbing duration.

Last of all, master of intricacy Daniel Stefanik keeps things tight with his nicely coiled drums bringing a real sense of house funk to the EP. Restless and bouncy, killer drum loops and skewed chords all ensure you cannot fail to get swept up and carried away.

With these four varied yet vital cuts, Moon Harbour perfectly encapsulates what has made the label so essential over the last 100 releases.