Kerri Chandler meets TC 1993 / Harmony (Remixes) 14th Level Of Paradise

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A1. Harmony (6:23 Rage Mix) A2. Harmony (Psycho X 6:23)
B1. Harmony (Rubber Room) B2. Harmony (6:23 Shelter)

Thus far 14th Level Of Paradise have done some great things with digital and vinyl releases from Vincent Inc, Dave Harman and others, but now they've scored a huge coup in getting the legendary Kerri Chandler on board with four mixes of "Harmony" that take his distinctive deep house sound into truly cosmic realms. It's a classic sound twisted up four ways, delivered with that soulful touch and addictive garage bump that Kerri defined from the get go. The "6:23 Rage Mix" is a heady brew, while "Psycho X 6:23" brings a more forthright party slant to the track. The soul is strongest on closer "6:23 Shelter Mix" as the vocal from The Temptations takes centre stage.